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Here at RTR, we are committed to bringing you quality Limousin beef.  Quality from the beginning through delivery.   Our cattle are treated humanely and never given any type of growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  Our cattle are allowed to grow naturally on fresh pastures, being allowed to graze at will.  Any handling of the cattle is done in a manner so as not to hurt or harm them.  Because of this process our beef is extremely lean without sacrificing tenderness.


The meat processor we use is located locally here in Missouri and also uses methods so as not to stress or harm the cattle.  They process the beef in a sterile environment and all beef product is USDA inspected.  Immediately upon packaging the meat is frozen so as to preserve the flavor and tenderness. 


The shipping company we use keeps the meat frozen and the product is shipped to you on dry ice so the meat never thaws before arriving at your doorstep.


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